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  1. Tracy Hebert

    I would like to buy a c-dove and some shun fire electrodes. Please advise where to buy and which shungite electrodes are for what.


    • Dr. Irina Kossovskaia

      Dear Tracy,

      Great decision 🙂 The C-DOVE is one of the finest COSMODIC devices for personal use. You can buy it online here: http://scenar.biz/scenar-products/scenar-devices/cosmodic-dove.html

      As per the shungite electrodes, you can use them all with the C-DOVE. You can find and buy them online here: http://scenar.biz/scenar-products/scenar-cosmodic-accessories.html (just scroll down the page).

      The type of shungite electrodes that you would need depends on the primary conditions that you wish to treat. Our best-sellers are the shungite 12mm mini-spheres with flexi-handles (the most helpful to work on the face, brain, and teeth) and large semi-spheres or flat discs (to work on larger areas of the body, muscles, bones, and for non-surgical face lift). We also like shungite cylinders for lymphatic drainage and male/female issues.

      Hope that answers your question. Thank you for asking.

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