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  1. How do I get the attachment for my DOVE for going through hair, like on the head for cluster headackes and migraines? It was described to me as an attachment that splits off into 2 progs, each with a small sphere or ball shape at each end.
    This site is very helpful to me. I’ve had my DOVE for about 3 years. My husband and I have helped over 50 people, with only 2 unfavorable results. All others experienced complete relief of their pain with 1 or 2 treatments. We have only been focusing on pain relief, though your site says the DOVE can cure other medical issues.
    I, personally, avoided a right hip replacement surgery due to rumatoid athritis. After treating all around my right hip every day for about a month, I no longer needed to walk with a cane and the pain was completely gone. I have done the same thing with my knees. I was having to get painful shots under my knee caps for athritis. Not wanting to go through those shots, I started treating my knees with the DOVE and I am pain free. No more shots and no more expensive doctor visits! I couldn’t be happier.
    So, please, if you know how I can get that adapter as described above, I would greatly appreicate an email back, with costs. Or, you may call me at 1-561-499-9549. You can leave a message if we are not home for the call.

    Many thanks,
    Sandie Smith
    Delray Beach, FL

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