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  1. Sandie Smith

    No more shots and no more expensive doctor visits! I couldn’t be happier.
    Rheumatoid arthritis experience

    This site is very helpful to me. I’ve had my DOVE for about 3 years. My husband and I have helped over 50 people, with only 2 unfavorable results. All others experienced complete relief of their pain with 1 or 2 treatments. We have only been focusing on pain relief, though your site says the DOVE can cure other medical issues.

    I, personally, avoided a right hip replacement surgery due to rheumatoid arthritis. After treating all around my right hip every day for about a month, I no longer needed to walk with a cane and the pain was completely gone. I have done the same thing with my knees. I was having to get painful shots under my knee caps for arthritis. Not wanting to go through those shots, I started treating my knees with the DOVE and I am pain free.

    No more shots and no more expensive doctor visits! I couldn’t be happier.

    Many thanks,
    Sandie Smith
    Delray Beach, FL

  2. Kees van Woudenberg

    Dear Irina, I like to tell you that after I spillt cooking water 100derg C over my belly I used the EX735 Modific on the highest level (manual) and sweept it over my Belly for 15 min. and I can tell you the unbelieveable story, I felt NO PAIN at all, NO REDNESS and NO BLISTERS.

    Further on vacation in the Carabean with many type of insect, after the stich 1 min. on the place with XE374 Modific and no problem.

    My Cardiologist is amazed that my heart is still the same. With Cardio Myopathy you are in bad shape but it is still stable. He is amazed about my SCENAR.


  3. Louis Spoelstra

    How ‘healing miracles’ happen
    The Heel Spur story

    This January me and my son Arjan where on a cruise in the Caribbean, where we met Dr. Irina and Doc David.

    Already the first day, we were attracted by the ‘toolbox’ they were always carrying with them constantly helping one or another of the fellow passengers.

    Their devices seem to work very well for everyone. I was very curious, and wanted to know more about their ‘hocus pocus’. So we also came into contact with them and decided to try their therapy for my heel spur that was bothering me a lot for a long time.

    The next morning I and Arjan went out for breakfast, and there were Dr. Irina and Doc David, having their breakfast as well and helping, of course, yet another ‘patient’ at the same time.

    “Please join us,” – they said and we got some extra chairs. Doc David told my son to start the treatment right away. He took the DOVE, pressed a few times, think it was the max. load, and told Arjan to make little circles on my heel. This was easy to do.

    Meanwhile we talked about the DOVE and how things should happen. After say 15 min. Dr. Irina
    asked Arjan to stop, and told me to stand up and stamp my foot. Ten minutes before I could NOT stamp my foot without tears rolling over my cheek. Now, NO PAIN, nothing!

    I was very skeptical and was convinced that after the coffee, it would be back again. It has been a MONTH now, and pain has NOT returned!

    Now I know how “healing miracles” happen.

    Thanks for crossing our roads, Dr. Irina, Doc David, and the little DOVE!

    Louis Spoelstra,
    Bladel, Holland

  4. Dr. Don Snow

    This is my first “SCENAR” and I am already in love
    2 sciatica experiences

    Today I have just received my first SCENAR DOVE. I also own two 705s and an EX 735 Modific. However, this is my first “SCENAR” and I am already in love. I have just finished treating my second patient with it.

    1. Pt. #1: 86 y/o female with 18 years of worsening low back pain and right-sided sciatica. This is her fourth treatment, but the first with the new DOVE. The results were almost instantaneous! Within 3 minutes (this thing doses very quickly) the sciatica was gone. A few minutes more and so was the LBP. This patient complained during the treatment that her pain was getting worse, then…poof.. the pain was gone!

    2. Pt. #2: A 43 y/o female with LBP and right sided sciatica with numbness in right foot. About 7 minutes of tx (and a dose)…pain gone! so was the numbness in her foot. During the tx this one also complained, but she felt a deep needle sensation through the asymmetry being tx. Also quite suddenly, pain gone.

    Now I’ll tell you, I love my COSMODICs and 735, but so far they cannot compete with the speed of this baby. However, the DOVE is a bit more complicated to use. It appears that SCENAR is better for musculoskeletal problems and the COSMODICs appear better for functional problems. For internal medicine type problems the COSMODICs are super fast, but the SCENAR is faster for musculoskeletal pathologies.

    Can’t wait to try this DOVE out on a neuropathy patient and see how they compare.

    Dr. Don Snow, DAOM, MPH, L.Ac.
    Lake Charles, LA

  5. Anneke Shenkin

    The results were amazing
    Bell’s palsy experience

    I went to a client’s house (who is a retired doctor) to give her a weekly massage. When I got there she asked me if her face looked funny. I told her that it looked as if the muscles on the right side of her face were drooping. She explained that she had a bout of Bell’s palsy a while back and was afraid it had returned. When she tried to smile she had no movement on the right side of her face. It was completely paralyzed!

    I suggested we try a treatment with my DOVE rather than the scheduled massage. The results were amazing. Within one treatment there was a noticeable improvement in muscle tone and she had a very minimal movement. We decided she would receive a DOVE treatment daily until her condition improved.

    With each treatment there was an improved progress from the prior treatment given. After approximately 7 days the Bell’s palsy was gone. This was amazing because her first episode with Bell’s palsy lasted months and when she went to her doctor he said nothing could be done and she would just have to wait it out. She was so impressed that she purchased her very own DOVE device.

    Anneke Shenkin

  6. Yvonne Duurloo

    To me this was a miracle
    Choking experience

    I have a chronic neck condition due to 4 prolapsed discs C4-C7. Sometimes my throat goes into spasm and I can start choking. The most dramatic story was when I visited the local Mall and bought a Rice cake. I choked on the sticky rice and could not clear it at all. It was stuck in my throat. I got myself back to my car as I knew I had a drink of water there. I took a sip and this also was stuck in my throat. I started to feel faint and dizzy and was totally unable to clear the blockage.

    Then I remembered DOVE was in my handbag, so took it and turned the power up as far as I could bear, almost bee sting level and applied it to my throat and also did the bib zone. Within 2 minutes I was able to cough up the rice and WATER and my breathing resumed normally. To me this was a miracle as I am sure that had DOVE not been on my person I could have choked. There was no way I could have rung an ambulance as I was unable to talk.

    I did not think it would work so quickly
    Asthma attack experience

    I was at a meeting one cold night and a member of the group took an asthma attack. He was starting to turn blue when I found him outside trying to breathe. I asked if I could use DOVE and he agreed, so we returned to the warm room and I used DOVE on his collar zone, bib zone, throat (Pirogov’s Ring) and also SUJok on his hands at the lung point.

    After 20 min he was breathing again normally. He was so surprised and so was I as I did not think it would work so quickly. He told me he went home and slept for 8 hours, a thing he never does. I did several follow up treatments and when I see him now at his home and he is in need of a treatment I give it to him. I did do follow ups of the 3+6 as well. I am trying to convince him to own a device for himself.

    Yvonne Duurloo
    New Zealand

  7. Donald Harris

    God had finally answered his prayers for over 10 years
    Frozen shoulder experience

    I was giving a demonstration of my therapies to a church group of deacons. I was showing and demonstrating such therapies as biofeedback and the Ionic Foot Detox. One of the deacons raised his hand and said, “Do you have any thing for frozen shoulder or chronic shoulder pain?”

    The deacon had suffered from what he believed to be a hereditary shoulder condition. He said that he had been suffering from this condition for over ten (10) years; and that his dad and grandfather had suffered from the same condition. He continued saying that every time he raised his arm to a certain height he would experience this extreme pain in his left shoulder. He had experienced many other therapies such as deep tissue massage, acupuncture, heat treatments, electric shock treatments, and other treatments he can’t remember, but the pain always came back. His doctor wanted to give him cortizon shoots and pills. He did not want the cortizon medication because of the side effects of affecting his liver, kidneys, and sex drive.

    I took out the D.O.V.E. and asked his permission to treat him. He readily gave permission. I treated him in accordance with Dr. Irina’s instructions on the MediSCEN DVD for about 20 minutes. I gave him a good SCENAR treatment around the left shoulder and then dosed him in several areas that included the front, side and back of his shoulder.

    Well, to make a long story short, he went to his doctor telling his doctor that he had been healed. His doctor smiled and said that the cortizon medication had done the trick. The deacon told his doctor that it wasn’t the cortizon medication, but a treatment he had received from a church friend who came to the church and gave him a treatment; and that the doctor’s treatment had absolutely nothing to do with completely healing his condition. When his doctor asked him how, he said that his friend took out a “cell phone” like device and rubbed his shoulder with it.

    He said that the pain has completely gone away and that he can lift his left arm to get things from the upper shelves of his business now. He said that his doctor was completely puzzled. I received a thank you card with $100 dollar bill in it. The deacon quickly spread the word throughout the church because God had finally answered his prayers for over 10 years.

    Donald Harris

  8. Ruth Siegel

    He was happy, beaming and still pain-free!
    Hip pain story

    At the warehouse where I rent storage space, I met a young man who told me that he had been disabled with chronic hip pain for more than 20 years. His pain was intense and chronic with no relief from any other exercise, treatment or therapy. I shared my fibromyalgia story with him and told him about the scenar and the Q100. I invited him to come to my home for DOVE and Q1000 sessions.

    I heard nothing from him for 2 weeks. Then he called and came to my home. I showed him how to self-treat with the DOVE. Almost immediately he knew how to “flip” the switch and adjust the intensity level to receive instantaneous relief.

    He continued to come to my home a few times a week. Remember, his hip pain was from an injury that occurred 20 years ago. The injury kept him from sitting, working, attending college, and sleeping, to name a few. His chronic pain was, in part, responsible for the breakup of his marriage.

    His first treatment gave him IMMEDIATE relief, but lasted a short amount of time (a week or so). He was not waiting for his pain to come back; he came to my house a few times a week for three months. (He used the DOVE while actively doing computer diagnostics on my computer!) His relief was so deep and long-lasting that after two months he bought a DOVE and used it as needed.

    He is now successfully attending American University and getting top grades. He is so busy and successful with his studies that I rarely see him now. His mother started using the DOVE for her arthritis and is experiencing quick pain relief. (His experience with the DOVE was so profound that we never got to use the Q1000!)

    This spring I attended a surprise 40th birthday party for him and his twin brother. He was happy, beaming and still pain-free! He was there with a date, was smiling and was a “new person!” How can you argue with success?

    The DOVE helps me to function more effectively
    Fibromyalgia experience

    I use the DOVE regularly for my fibromyalgia pain. Each time I use the DOVE, my understanding of how to use it becomes more clear, i.e., dosing, referred pain, treating pain pathways, intuitive use. I am able to walk while on vacation and enjoy sightseeing in Northern New Mexico, where we go regularly since we plan to relocate to NM from MD in a few years.

    While my pain still recurs, using the DOVE helps me to function more effectively on a regular basis; I have more energy. I keep my DOVE beside me in bed to use as needed and carry it with me while sightseeing. I have purchased walking sticks to take pressure off of my lower back: http://www.trekkingpolesdirect.com/. Between the DOVE and the walking sticks I enjoy vacations now and do not have to stay in bed most of the trip.

    Ruth Siegel
    Silver Spring, MD

  9. Tom Keating

    My wife had limped into his room – and she walked out
    Damaged knee experience

    Location – Carterton, New Zealand. I was introduced to Scenar Therapy when my wife was having problems with a damaged knee – both cartilage and ligament damage. She was discharged by her specialist who said “I can’t operate and if you are lucky time may heal it. Maybe if you lost some weight it would help”. That same day we had an appointment with Mark Batten, a local therapist, who started treating the knee with scenar.

    My wife had limped into his rooms and she walked out. After about 4 days she started limping again and had another treatment and resumed walking without limping. It took several sessions to get it right and we decided we would buy our own DOVE.

    Today she is completely free of knee problems and has not needed to treat it for several months.

    Tom Keating
    Carterton, New Zealand

  10. Sandra Seiler

    I couldn’t even tell that I had hurt myself!
    Several personal experiences

    Here are a few of my personal Scenar testimonies:

    1. A friend of mine called to say that she had pulled a couple ribs out while doing her painting job. I had just received my DOVE, so she came over and I worked on her areas of pain and down her spine. She called me later that evening to say that there was no more pain and the ribs were fine.

    2. I had fallen off my bike this spring onto our crushed cement driveway. I had injured my elbow and knee. I could hardly walk without pain. I started by putting an ice pack on the elbow and knee. I then used my DOVE on the pain until I found relief. The next morning, there was no more pain. Only a few scrapes and a bruise on my hip that I didn’t notice. Or I would have used the DOVE on the hip too!

    3. My husband & I had moved some heavy furniture I had bought from an auction. My hip went out and I could hardly walk. I couldn’t make it upstairs to the bedroom at night, so I slept on the couch downstairs and put the DOVE on my hip that night. I could hardly sleep due to the pain, but I ended up falling asleep with the DOVE on. The next morning, no more pain! I couldn’t even tell that I had hurt myself!

    4. I was at a party recently and was talking to a lady that had hip pain for many months. She had been going to specialists, but they were unable to help. We used the DOVE on her hip for about 20 min. She then stood up and said “You won’t believe it, but the pain is gone!”

    5. I used it on several of my friends that have neck pain or stiff neck. It has worked wonders for that!

    Sandra Seiler
    Mason, MI

  11. Margaret Hampton

    How I “escaped 95% of the permanent disability I should have had!”
    Severe arm injury experience

    I had a freak accident in June 2009 which my surgeon described as tearing, straining, or otherwise damaging every tendon, ligament, nerve and muscle from the tip of my fingers through my shoulder. Soft tissue damage to the hand was so severe, with massive swelling, restricted blood blow, and blackened condition so extreme that the viability of the limb was questionable (i.e., fear of amputation).

    But that was the easiest part. The elbow took the brunt of the injury, with the radial head (critical bone at the central control point of the elbow, necessary for power through the elbow) demolished so badly that they could only remove the bone fragments. They pieced the bones on either side together. After elbow surgery (titanium plate and 12 screws) then 5-1/2 months of rehab on fingers, hand, wrist and elbow, I had the shoulder surgery for an extremely shredded rotator cuff tendon and bone damage.

    The expectation was that I would probably have a crimped, useless hand, and that the nerve and other damage through the elbow was so extreme that there would be little if any strength in the arm. Further, the shoulder damage was such that ever lifting anything over a few pounds or over my head would be impossible – EVER!

    From the beginning of the accident (through ER), I used the Q1000 laser on the elbow. But I used the DOVE on the opposite arm, to remind the brain of what SHOULD be the condition (hence, not to accept the damaged state). It stuck at key points on the opposite arm, and I let it dose. I stroked the hand (up to the splint) and above the splint with the DOVE.

    3 weeks later, when the surgeon inspected the arm prior to hard cast, speechless, he went back and forth between arm and new xrays. This was the worst elbow he had ever seen, and he had never failed to cast an arm at this stage…until he exclaimed: “I can’t put that arm in a cast!” The healing was too advanced.

    That meant I had access to the arm and elbow for more direct SCENAR (after first doing the other arm/ healthy mirror image). Skin tears outside the elbow had been so great that at the time of the original surgery, he said I would need a skin graft. But at 3 weeks, the beautiful pink skin said NO! It’s healed without a hint of a scar. The shoulder got equal treatment.

    Now? After 13 months of rehab on hand, elbow, shoulder… and an amazed physical therapist… my surgeon exclaims repeatedly, “It was horrible, it was really horrible!” He cannot understand how I “escaped 95% of the permanent disability [I] should have had!” But I do. I just love confounding the medical establishment with laser and SCENAR “miracles!”

    I never imagined it could WIPE OUT a very real cold over night!

    Dealing with Common cold

    As I write this, it’s November and I’m on a “secluded work week” with ocean waves roaring… Beautiful, especially when you haven’t had vacation time in eons and are over-tired (obviously stressing the immune system). So a walk on the beach in mild weather was too enticing… until it started to drizzle, and the ocean breezes turned chill.

    Result? The unmistakable sore throat, sinus drainage, head stuffiness… the onset of familiar misery. But I never go ANYWHERE without my DOVE and laser. I put the laser in mode 7 above and below my heart, plus other usual places. But center stage was the DOVE. I used it on each side of the face, above the ear until dose, below the ear until dose, across the jaw then center jaw until dose… then stroking down the neck, then stroking across the chest toward the armpit, seeking to drain the lymph. I also did the 6 points on the face (waiting for SOME to dose), then repeated a session over the sinuses until dose (each side).

    I love this miracle machine, but still I never imagined it could WIPE OUT the unmistakable onset of a very real cold over night! During the night I had one bad cough time, getting rid of the accumulation, and my through was really raw. I repeated my SCENAR routine until I dozed off. The next morning I was normal! This is day 2, and I’m productive and enjoying the get-away. Lovely walk on the beach today

    Margaret Hampton

  12. Nancy Madar

    Body knew otherwise and the DOVE scenar took me there
    Injured back experience

    I would like to add this letter about my experience with my new DOVE scenar.

    Two days ago my husband Paul lifted a very heavy tire onto a piece of his machinery and when he tried to stand up afterward, he couldn’t. He had badly wrenched his back. When he finally got to his feet, painfully he crossed the driveway, knuckles dragging, to get into the house.

    First aid was an ice pack. Second aid was my scenar. I am still picking my way along with it, not really full of confidence with it yet, especially after watching Dr. Irina’s DVD where she goes zippety-do over somebody’s body and immediately gets to the right spot. I don’t yet have the “feel” for the sticky spot and I’ve been concentrating on trying to find it. At any rate, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to sharpen my scenar skills. After all, I’m not going to lose a client by fumbling around. Furthermore, we had to do something fast because in 2 days Paul was supposed to drive to our son’s house 600 miles away, 9 hours of sitting in a car.

    So, I helped him onto the massage table and began going over his back with the scenar, concentrating on where he said the pain was, which seemed like the sacro-iliac joint (I’ve had my own problems with that). I didn’t get much feedback from the scenar, just a chirp or two, and when I held it on the spot, a few lights showed up but that’s all. And I never did feel the sticky spot. That was disappointing and that night when I put him to bed we were beginning to talk about possibly cancelling the trip.

    Next morning I woke him up, expecting a bleary-eyed tale of a miserable night of pain when turning over in bed. Instead, he said he felt pretty good, slept fine and had no pain turning over. Even though I’d had meager results the day before, I figured the scenar had changed SOMETHING because backs just don’t heal that fast.

    He got on the table again (no help needed) and this time I decided to expand my search beyond the sacro-iliac area and to quit obsessing over sticky spots. When I got lower on the buttock, the scenar sprang into life and this time I also decided to hold it longer on the chirps. When I just waited patiently for all the lights to go on, which took a while, I got dose after satisfying dose.

    So, I learned a couple of things from that experience: I had assumed it was the sacro-iliac, but Paul’s body knew otherwise and the scenar took me there.

    I also learned that I shouldn’t rush things; that I needed to wait patiently for the dose, and finally I decided I am not Dr. Irina with her sticky spots and I will just have to wait until I gather the experience and intuition she has to find them.

    This morning Paul is almost completely well, just some lingering achiness, which is to be expected, and is ready to hit the road. Bravo for the scenar.

    More than ever I believe every household should have one, and I’m already setting my sights on a cosmodic down the road.

    Best wishes,

    Nancy Madar
    Tryon, NC

  13. I am a Registered Nurse working in Aged Care and also work as a Natural Therapies Practitioner practicing several different modalities. I have a Cosmodic, DOVE and AcuScen. My training in Scenar has been from Dr Irina’s interesting and informative DVDs. I am very impressed with the scenar and its results.

    My ankle is now freed up!
    Old ankle injury experience

    My son Paul works on building sites and has various old work and sporting injuries. He often requests scenar treatments in the evening for various aches and pains in his back, shoulders and hip. He was using it intermittently for a 2 year old ankle injury. After severely spraining his ankle 2 years ago he was off work for several months and was left with a stiff painful still swollen ankle. He would often treat the ankle himself with the DOVE. He came to me one night and said, “Look, my ankle is now freed up! I can move it!” With the release came further pain as he moved it, but a few more treatments with the device and the pain was gone.

    He could feel life coming back into his feet

    Diabetic neuropathy, diabetic ulcer – and eyesight improvement

    T., a 78 year old man with diabetic peripheral neuropathy, was having trouble walking due to numbness in his feet. He was having burning pain in the feet at night. Treatments with the DOVE – he said he could feel life coming back into his feet. The circulation has improved in his feet, reduced swelling and numbness and eliminated the nocturnal burning pain.

    He also had a deep ulcer on his foot. I used the DOVE around the wound and it healed within 2 months, which is very good for a man with such poor circulation. He is now walking increasing distances. He purchased his own device and uses it himself on his hands, and points on the face. I attend to treatments of his feet, legs and knees.

    T. was previously having severe problems with his eyesight, the specialist told him there is nothing he could do and his eyesight would continue to deteriorate. He went to another specialist for another opinion. This one told him he would try to help him, but couldn’t promise him anything and prescribed antioxidants. On his next appointment the specialist was amazed at the improvement. We credit it to a combination of the antioxidants and him using the DOVE on his face around the eyes and me using it on the reflexology points on his feet.

    One year later it has not come back
    Severe shoulder pain

    D, a 45 year old shopfitter had constant excruciating pain on the top of his shoulder. The constant pain caused him difficulties with his work including decreased range of movement and the severe pain prevented him sleeping at night. He had consulted with 5 doctors and specialists. X-rays and ultrasounds showed a small gap but the doctors were unable to suggest anything to help.

    His wife phoned me and arranged an appointment. After the first treatment he felt some relief. Following the second and third treatments the pain became worse than excruciating. I said, that’s good it means it is doing something! He let me continue and following each treatment after that the pain was lessened. After 12 treatments the pain was gone, he has restored function in the shoulder and is now sleeping at night. One year later it has not come back.

    She said thank you so much, you have changed my life!
    Fibromyalgia and carpel tunnel experience

    P, a very obese lady had been medically diagnosed with fibromyalgia and carpel tunnel syndrome. She presented with severe pain in her arms, wrists, hands, knees and back and neck. The pain kept her awake at night and she was unable to use the computer keyboard due to the excruciating pain.
    Treating the back of her neck with the device resulted in greatly reduced pain in her wrists and hands lessening after each treatment and she was able to use the computer again. Using the DOVE on her knees has helped the pain and with encouragement and practical support she is now losing weight. She said thank you so much, you have changed my life!
    She has purchased her own device for ongoing relief. She is finding it invaluable and refers other pain sufferers for treatments.

    Have treatments with a magic healing device – and you won’t need surgery!
    Carpal tunnel story

    R., a 75 year old gentleman was 2 weeks away from surgery booked for carpel tunnel syndrome. Pam told him, go to Chris and have treatments with her magic healing device and you won’t need the surgery. He presented with both hands very swollen, severe wrist pain and was unable to close his fingers into a fist. I started with the back of the neck and after 5 minutes he said, “Look at this!” – and was able to close one hand into a fist and he said it wasn’t hurting. He flew back to Wellington, New Zealand and I referred him to a scenar therapist in Wellington for further treatments and to purchase his own device when he is ready.

    I have treated several people with carpel tunnel syndrome now and it is always focusing treatment on the back of the neck that helps. Then follow with the scenar on the wrists, hands and arms for further relief.

    Chris Roberts, RN
    Gold Coast, Australia

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