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  1. Danny

    Hi Dr Irina,
    Please – I’m thinking of the DOVE (not the c-Dove) for home and clinic use. I work intuitively, as a remedial massage therapist (although trained and qualified technically) and I’ve been reading a bit about these different devices.
    Does the Dove work in the 3rd zone you wrote about in your paper titled “That Mysterious Cosmodic” ?
    I have read that it’s the model that is the best Scenar (1 listening channel), and then works with characteristics of Cosmodic ….but I’m not too clear on what those characteristics are..! Does it still step ahead of the game, and deliver bundles of signals based on extrapolation, or on the latest signal received from the body?
    I already have a scenar device, and love it! But I am wondering what the real effect will be of having the Cosmodic as well!

    Many thanks!!

    • Dr. Irina Kossovskaia

      Dear Danny,

      Yes, the DOVE is one of our favorites, and yes, it is a unique SCENAR device with a signal that closely mimics the body’s nervous signals at the moment when the device signal reaches the nervous structures. It is not COSMODIC though (only one feedback channel, not 46) and hence, does not “step ahead of the game”; it challenges and follows the body, but does not lead it.

      If you already have a SCENAR device, the DOVE would be a nice “upgrade”, so to speak. Yet, to make a quantum jump, you would need to “go full COSMODIC”. Even the simplest one, such as the C-DOVE (which is in the somewhat same price range as the DOVE), will give you the benefits of the technology.

      Hope it helps.

  2. Walter Ford

    I used to own an EX 735 Ag SCENAR and loved it until it had some problems and trying to get it fixed was a nightmare.
    How does the DOVE compare?

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