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  1. I forgot to mention, Dr. Irene mentioned in some of her information here about acupressure etc. I found a wonderful tool as well it’s called, “ACU-GRAPH Version 4! This software is incredible! It cost $2400.00 and that is with extra’s to make your ACU-DECENT a lot easier. I talked to them about using the SCENAR on the vital points using ACCU-GRAPH’s suggested healing modality and this chiropractor with a B.S. degree never heard of a SCENAR! To me it’s hard to believe he didn’t know they existed!

    My point to him was using the ACU-GRAPH to pinpoint what needs to be treated after doing a diagnosis of all your meridian pathways which includes all organs connected to them. It takes about 2 minutes to conduct this test. Then it will have a 3-D picture where the point is that you need to fix, now take your SCENAR with a ACU-Probe if they have one and run the SCENAR on these initial points. They claim almost 100% using the electronic acupuncture ACU-GRAPH not the real needles but some still do!

    You can use any healing type device of your choosing. The trick is hitting the exact point that will change things in your body that is where this program comes into play. The cost is right and it would be a great compliment to your SCENAR practices. Another thing, I read that some chiropractors don’t talk about the SCENARS because they believe it will put them out of business. If they the patient can do it themselves there would be no “Need” for a chiropractor as often!

    Something to think about!

  2. It’s been several weeks since my friend who purchased an RITM device, we had a long talk and he told me if this cheap SCENAR can heal my dad’s broken leg in two places and cure my mother’s hip where she was having pain, he asked me what if you were using the DOVE or the EX735 X2 Slider? I wasn’t sure how to answer that particular question! I looking forward to purchase the DOVE actually for my wife this Christmas! I have to save all next year for the Ex735 X2 Slider. But I had pondered, after speaking with my friend two nights ago. He really doesn’t understand the SCENAR technology only that if he were to have gone to the doctors for all his aches and pains when one reaches 40 he would have rather died! Quite the statement!

    I looked all over web and there is something I must let the presumed purchasers of the SCENAR products to be ware of. First, you can find some of Irene’s scanners for $1600.00 cheaper when it comes to the X2 Slider. But here is the thing though if anyone company sells these cheaper SCENAR prices you are left holding the bag! Because if you purchase from Russia it will be your responsibility to send it to LET and this could take many weeks. While you are waiting you have no backup devices, you could barely afford the one you now have. What if exporting and importing this device something happens in customs?

    LET is not going to be held responsible for import and export issues. Secondly, that additional $1600.00 you would pay for X2 slider is actually paying for not only the personal help with the device, and rest assure you buy it elsewhere they can’t and are not obligated to help you when you have any questions! Whereas Irene’s company will not only assist you to send out your device if there is hardware issues but as she stated she will loan one out to you until your’s either comes back fixed or you get a new device!

    I check with many companies which by the way are not that many. I tossed this price savings around and around and wondered if anyone was doing the same? I have been on the web since its conception where one had to pay $3 per hour to be online with AOL. I completely exhausted the SCENAR businesses worldwide. I find that Healthboss.org is the very best in service, where they don’t make up for the prices they do in complete after sales customer service. So if you are paying$1000 more for anyone unit compared to Russia who are underbidding their representatives here in the U.S. shows the partial integrity you may have to deal with in the near future.

    So pay that extra $1000-$1600 consider it an insurance investment which will pay itself off at anytime you have a problem with the devices. One last thing, you can purchase a “Used” one on Irene’s site at the “Market Place”, the only issue I have is sending money to someone I don’t know and who doesn’t guarantee me if the product they are selling to you doesn’t work after a few weeks!

    Maybe I am just to conservative at my old age! I had a friend years ago who sent many of thousands of dollars for something he saved so hard for and he never got his product from the person who was advertising it! I’m not saying the people here would do that, I am just saying it is always wise and prudent to re-think things before letting go of your cash just to save a few bucks! In my opinion, I would want to hold someone responsible in case I don’t get the product I purchased no matter where I buy it. “Buyer Beware” this must be in the foremost front of everyone’s mind! Even if you are purchasing from a reputable company!

    Remember what I state is not fact but my personal opinion only! Everyone has one these days!

  3. Fred

    Would be interested in the dove if I could actually try it before purchasing it.
    Maybe leasing it or renting it to see if it actually works as described.
    I know I could purchase it and try it for 30 days but I do not want to purchase it without trying. I am sure if one could try the unit and solve whatever health problems one has than a price of even $5.000 would not be to much to ask for such a miracle unit.
    Do you have such programs available if not I think it would make sense to have programs like that available to consumers before committing to a purchase.

    • I am truly interested and want that EX-735Ag SCENAR/Cosmodic X2 Slider! But my wife told me I need to start out small for now and gain the confidence in a lower priced unit without all the bells and whistles and if it does work like everyone says it does and believe me said my wife I will know! Because her lower back was strained from a rear collision auto accident of 4 years ago!

      To continue, she said, if you can prove this smaller unit can have muscle to do all it claims and if it does, then you can go ahead and prepare for the most expensive model. What can I say, my wife is always right even when she is sometimes wrong she is always right 🙂 I went around looking for cheaper scenar’s online I did fine one the Pain Genie, a friend of mine purchased it. He has no intimate knowledge like I do what to look for, but it still helped him.

      For which I am glad for him! It cost him $800.00 and it is an RITM device. I told my wife if I have to pay a large amount of money to start with then I my as well look at the DOVE if it works like everyone claims then I will give it to my wife when I procure the more expensive unit. And what the good doctor is willing to offer with this device believe when I tell you this, her business concepts are second to none and the materials in this case for a beginner are very valuable. No other place I checked out that sales similar devices out there offer maybe one DVD for basic training of the device and that’s it! Just the extra’s that come with device could keep one busy for hours!

      The only thing I don’t know for sure if one can do the EB technique using the 16mm stone balls in each ear running this particular device. Bit confusing about the second generation, I know C-Dove is cosmotic but the DOVE works as tho it is! Which is why I am not sure if the Ear Balancing could be done with some results. I am anxious, I maybe able to get it this week!

      • Dr. Irina Kossovskaia

        Good decision, Dennis 🙂 The DOVE scenar is our favorite home unit. It is still SCENAR, but the second generation one (the ONLY second-generation SCENAR out there; the rest are COSMODICs). It has a more refined signal than the other representatives of the SCENAR technology.

        Yes, the shungite electrodes can be used with the DOVE. We would only suggest the 12mm mini-spheres for EBB protocol; 16mm may be too large to be used inside the ears.

  4. Bee

    I am interested in buying a Dove Scenar. I have several questions and hope you can assist with these in order to help me.

    Do you post to Australia and is the TOTAL COST $1930 USD which includes postage to Australia as mentioned on this website?

    If yes, you will post out to Australia –
    How do I receive my training? How long does the training course usually take and is there an exam or a check in place to know when I am ready to use the device on particularly other people?

    Do you have a representative in Australia for me to have follow up support or will I be connecting with people in USA? How long does support last for?

    Is there on going costs associated such as further training that will not be included in the initial training costs?

    Thank you in advance with your reply and assistance with my many questions,

    Is the Dove Scenar device safe to use on people who have had heart attacks?

    • Hi there, Have you had any experience in the healing of anal fistulas? My daughter , whe did have Crohn’s for many years developed an anal fistula as a result of an anal abcess.The abcess was surgically removed, but the fistula after two nad a half years has still not closed. This causes endless problems and pain and resultant loss of energy. If the Dove Scenar has been successful in bringing about the closure of an anal fissure we naturally will be very keen to ppurchase one.
      Kind regards,

      • Dr. Irina Kossovskaia

        Dear Ian,

        We do not have any direct experience with treating anal fistulas since it is not a very common condition. It is, however, very similar in its mechanism of development to any other chronic abscess (localized inflammation)in the body.

        We got the best results treating chronic abscesses with combination of the C-DOVE with shungite attachments and the Q1000 Low Level Laser with the 808 Enhancer. If you only have the DOVE scenar, you can also succeed, but you would definitely need a pair of shungite attachments to get as close to the abscess itself as possible (probably the shungite cylinders, which you can use rectally).

        The probability of success will depend on how much scarring is there already. Infection tends to linger in the scars. The chances, however, are pretty good overall.

        Hope it helps.

  5. Hi Max here, Love your blog post in this case at http://dovescenar.com/dove-scenar.html i have went ahead and linked it to it at the “sites we like” area of my website online so my website visitors are able to see the idea also. Check it out at http://www.tinnitusmiraclej.com/sites-we-like you might find it engaging and I recommend you to take a glance.

  6. admin

    Dear Kate,

    If you want a cheap car, you buy KIA or Hyundai. They will get you where you want to go, but do not expect them to do the same for you as the BMW, Jaguar, or Ferrari.

    They are all cars, but they are made differently – use different manufacturing technology and culture, different quality of spare parts, and different assembling craftsmanship.

    So if you have a CHENS unit, do not expect it to reverse a chronic degenerative disorder (like the osteoarthritis, for example). It will shake some things in the system, but it is not capable of re-educating the body for better regeneration or breaking “energy cysts”. It is not COSMODIC, and not even SCENAR. It’s TENS. Intended for pain relief only.

    When you pay for quality, you pay for results. TENS units are cheap like cheap cars, true SCENARs are expensive like BMW, Mercedes, or Jaguar. I hope, it explains things a little better.

    As per the “allowing the knowledge some light”, I’ve been doing it consistently over the last 10 years. I’ve spent countless hours and a small fortune on acquiring that knowledge and freely sharing it with the SCENAR community. I’ve wrote a lot of articles and 2 ebooks on the subject – and they are free to download (one of them is just on the bottom of this page; the others will be on this site as well soon). Over and above, I developed the only comprehensive virtual Training Program for second generation SCENARs. So I can honestly say, I’ve done everything in my power to share the SCENAR knowledge.

    Now I want some help from you, guys – and that’s what the “1001 SCENAR Stories” Project is all about. I hope you will participate.

    Dr. Irina

  7. Kate Hamer

    Hello SCENAR Community,

    I purchased a CHENS-01 device for $500.00.
    I am not sure it works. When I use it on my knees they seem to hurt more. Is that a good thing?
    I use it on my face to exercise the muscles. I hope it helps at least that.
    So how do I know if I am using this properly. How long do I have to use it to
    get results?

    A Healing Instrument of the People at $1,800.00 and up is hardly accessible by “the people”.

    I would like to know why these devices are so terribly expensive. And I would like to see some text books on how to use the devises that are reasonably priced.

    Your sales would soar if you would allow the knowledge some light.

    I look forward to your response.

    Sincerely in question and out $500.00 I can’t afford for no results.

    Kate Hamers

    • rich

      kate, if your device looks like tje ones on this site and takes CR123 lithium batteries…. it is a dove. Place device on skin and keep in position until all lights (left to right) are glowing. after all are glowing that in least amount of dose.

      Chens type of device is old technology…it will just numb area.

      reference Dr jerry TENNANT,MD of the TENNANT INSTITUTE Dallas,TX
      his book HEALING IS VOLTAGE will educate you!!!

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